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Add Leads from a CSV file

Written by Martin
Updated 2 months ago

A great option available with Alfred for adding leads is the ability to upload a csv file with Linkedin profiles of your target audience.

You can source these Linkedin profiles from multiple places.
Once you've put together your list of leads in a csv file by doing it manually or from any tool, simply drag and drop them to Alfred and after publishing the campaign it will go through a verification process to ensure they are valid and all the personalisation options are available for your sequence.

The main reason why you would prefer to use this method of adding leads is because it gives you greater control if what leads are added since you have full control of the csv file before it gets uploaded, as well as the ability to add more leads than the limit set by Linkedin.
As an example, if you had a list of 10,000 leads in the csv file, you can upload them all at once and you can add more over time. This is not possible when using a search url as it is set by Linkedin.
Verification process is required to ensure all leads are valid. It will now verify leads even it is outside working hours so it won't take too long to wait for the leads to be verified.

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