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Dashboard Bar

Written by Martin
Updated 2 months ago

We have added a new and more convenient Dashboard bar located at the top menu part of your page.

The good thing is that you don't need to go to the Dashboard page whenever you wanted to check the total stats of your Connections, Pending Invites, and Replies.
The said dashboard bar will stay at the top wherever the page you are on. The number will vary of how many total connections you have from LinkedIn and your pending invitations as well. Replies will be based on all leads who respond across your campaigns. The stats are updated on time.
It will show you also the numbers of the remaining limits you have based on your set daily limits on time. This will be automatically updated each time your campaign has activity made.
We have also added the Connected, Follow Up, Greetings and Withdrawals stats in which it updates the total number of the accepted connection invites, follow up messages, greetings and withdrawals within the day.
Please note that the number will show you with the Greetings and Withdrawals if you have enabled it from the Settings page.

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